Friday, July 22, 2011

Long Island New York Homeowners Insurance - Do I Need Flood Insurance?

Record snowfall totals and tornados in the U.S. wild weather we've seen so far this year marks the ... And now, the massive Midwest flooding of record proportions (going back 75 years). But the flood of this magnitude could be here in New York? Can we know the history.

Gloria in 1985, the last major coastal storm hit Long Island New York territory. First, it was Hurricane Donna in 1960. Other named storms, the Great 1821 "Long Island Hurricane" Donna LI NY area, including the first hit as well ... Was. The Hurricane Center Jamaica Bay hit and if you can imagine it, Manhattan Island from Battery Park Canal Street flooded all the way! Statistically, we are one in our area due to the storm and if you remember, Hurricane Earl (a monster storm) came dangerously close to hitting us in the summer of 2010.

Hurricane Gloria $ 900 million in damage (in 2011 equivalent to $ 1.84 billion) is due. Although most of the damage from the winds, still, with the south shore of eastern Long Island, many homes were lost. Fortunately, when Gloria made landfall on Long Island, we were experiencing low tide. If it's high tide, hundreds of additional homes have been lost due to floods.

But it just does not have hurricane risk. As the Long Islanders know, (and often powerful) Nor'easters strike our area ... And more often than the storm. Most common in winter months, Nor'easters storm unique to our area how they formed and where they are due to strike. Those two storms (the approach is one of the Midwest or southern Canada, and move with the Gulf Stream) are formed by the convergence. Converge with the right (or just off) our coastline and are very powerful. These storms and flooding several homes almost always great damage or ... Along the south shore of Long Island, particularly as a result would suffer a total loss.

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