Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Golden American Express AIR MILES Credit Card for Individuals

In a way, the American Express AIR MILES Gold Credit Card is similar to regular credit card American Express AIR MILES. This includes the 100 bonus miles reward when you make your first purchase, the rate of 3.99 percent on balance transfers and 16.99 percent on purchases and cash advances. Besides these, the American Express AIR MILES Gold credit card - just like his brother regularly - provides online access, free supplementary cards, the advance of funds, 24/7 customer support, convenient payment options and replacing the emergency card. The travel benefits of American Express as guaranteed reservations and travel accident insurance can also be enjoyed with the Gold Credit Card American Express AIR MILES.

Optional payment for use of services such as insurance for the balance, American Express Global Assist Travel Medical Insurance, InfoAssist AMEX, and automatic flight insurance, are present both in the regular credit card and American Express AIR MILES the gold version of the card:

-Balance of payment insurance: It amounts to 89 cents per $ 100 of outstanding balance at time of registration for this service. This insurance will cover the remaining amount on your credit card American Express AIR MILES if you can not pay your monthly bills, because of disability or job loss. These payments to your credit card American Express AIR MILES continue until certain thresholds are reached, a total of ten thousand dollars, or 24 consecutive monthly payments. If you find a new job, if your disability is treated, or otherwise resolve the outstanding balance in full, insurance payments cease. In case of dismemberment or death, your estate does not have to worry about paying your outstanding AIR MILES American Express credit card account, and that will be covered up to ten thousand dollars.

-The AMEX Global Assist Travel Medical Insurance is also very advantageous if you often travel to anywhere in the world. You should not have reached the age of seventy-five to qualify this service. Under this coverage, you will receive insurance coverage for emergency hospital and medical expenses during the trip.

-The automatic flight insurance is also beneficial for those who travel around the world. In case of accidental death and dismemberment, you're covered up to $ 1.5 million. You must use your American Express AIR MILES credit to buy the plane ticket to qualify for this service. At the top of the ticket price, they also have to pay for flight insurance premium.

There are differences in annual rates and the credit limit between the regular and the gold version of the personal credit card American Express AIR MILES. But enjoy the same basic benefits of American Express and airline miles with any of them. You can take your pick between the two.

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