Monday, September 5, 2011

Understanding Residual Income

Why would anyone want a residual income?

Who in their right mind wants to receive money month after month after month for the work they once did?

Who do they think they are? The authors? Rock stars? Inventors?

What is residual income? So I gave the answer already.

Residual income, which can sometimes be known as royalty is a payment under way a person receives for work or effort it once did. The most common concept of residual income is to pay copyright every time you get a person buys a book written by the author or composer of a song or a singer singing a song.

Did you know that Elvis Presley is the highest royalty singer to win today and he's been dead for over 30 years?

Therefore, if you can earn residual income from your employer for the work they did for him / her / them today to make you more productive? The answer is probably yes. The only problem is that going to do the richest businessman, while it has received a small stipend for their efforts.


You could have all the time I wanted to do what you wanted?

You could have all the money he needed to do what you wanted?

You can show people how to save money on your utility bills essential?

You were paid a small percentage of your bill each time you pay your bill?

You can show someone how to show people how to save money on your bills essential services?

It could be shown that the person to make some money helping people save money?

The person showed him how to help people save money on essential bills received a small percentage of its customers bills every month?

Received a lower percentage of customers' bills of that person "each month?

They were allowed to have more than one client?

That allowed them to help more than one person?

You could build your business around the world - from your own home?

It was not really the opportunity of a fairy tale out there?


Ask how you can learn more about this opportunity?

Giving up one or two hours of television a couple nights a week?

Be prepared to listen and learn, that is, be coachable?

Thinking of others before yourself?

Help others make more money from their efforts than

Talk to everyone you know to help them become financially and time?


How can this be?

How long does it take?

How much will it cost?

¿I can do?

Is it legal?

Is this a reputable company?

My mother is proud of me for doing this?

What do I have to do to start?

Here are some of the questions with any new enterprise, whether business, social or relationship. Take the time to address each of these before considering any company.;u=10539;u=10543;u=2843;u=2841;u=10549;u=2845